Collaborative culture will not happen

simply by encouraging people to collaborate more.

It emerges when we remove systemic obstacles and incentives structure that inhibited it in the first place.

Some of the examples:

Individual OKRs or performance reviews are always a huge red flag.

Architecture tends to constrain team setup, and if it’s suboptimal which unfortunately it usually is, it brings ‘us and them’ mentality between the teams.

Strict ownership.

Focusing on the high utilization of people (under the excuse to drive down the costs). E.g. 1 person, 1 task, no pairing, no mobbing.

Silos created because of the same reason (product throwing over the wall to design, design throwing over the whole to developers, developers throwing over the wall to “QA”, etc.).

Management thinking that promotion is earned by the individual effort and that only big efforts bring promotion.

Focusing on roles and titles instead of skills. “We need a Product Manager”, vs. “we need product management skills”.